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As an International Speaker, Intuitive Coach, Facilitator and Co-Founder of The O2 Awakening, I have guided thousands of people into deeper levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, healing and increased consciousness.

My live talks and workshops have been described as moving, thought-provoking, fun, motivating, wise, inspirational, energising, relatable and life-changing.


Talk Topics I love to share Include:

The power of Breathwork to transform your life (mind, body and soul)
Reprogramming the subconscious to transform your reality
Empowered living for Empaths and Intuitives
High Vibrational living & Biohacks to raise consciousness
Inner Child healing and Shadow Work

Experiential Workshop Topics Include:

Breathwork for Emotional Detox
Breathwork for Awakening
Emotional Alchemy for Women
Manifesting Masterclass


I'm also available for:

Corporate Trainings
Live & Online Guest Training
Video, TV & Radio Interviews
Written Interview Features

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Official Bio:

Hellè Weston is one of the new breed of thought leaders bridging esoteric and ancient wisdom with life in the modern age.

Through her unique combination of deep Mindset Coaching, Breathwork, Channeling and Energy Medicine, Hellè powerfully supports truth-seekers to find clarity from within, leading to more inspiration, meaning, love and positive impact in their lives.

Originally from New Zealand, she is now based in Bali and leads trainings for thousands of women and men around the world both live and online.

Here's what people have to say about my events...

"I have a deep respect + admiration for women + spiritual coaches like Hellè Weston who are unafraid of the full range of human emotions we all experience. Especially the ones that can feel dark, sad + tumultuous. This young woman is wise beyond her years”

- JULIE PARKER (CEO & Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy + Priestess Podcast)

"Hellè is a great facilitator; very positive, encouraging and inspiring. She is clearly doing what she loves and her passion definitely comes through...
I got so much out of Hellè’s workshop, it was exactly what I needed at the time and set me on a good path. I now have a daily meditation practice which is not something I’ve ever never done before. I am getting so much from it – I’ve had a pretty tough year and this has really helped me."


"Hearing you talk about your experiences made me think that no matter what I was feeling, I could make positive changes in my life in small ways that would have a big effect down the track.
Thank you again for inspiring me with your workshops. I’ve since been realising that the things that make me happy are a little different to what I thought they were, and discovering those things that make me happy is in itself a source of happiness. 


"Attending Hellè's workshops last year started my love for personal development & working on the inner self. I felt like every word she was saying was directly meant for me and she creates such a relaxing & safe space for those who attended. Since the workshops, I feel inspired, empowered to live a more intentional life & to continue on this exciting journey of health & wellness."


"Hellè is amazing - such a great speaker, teacher and life coach. I learnt so much in just 90 minutes, and am full of newfound inspiration and motivation to achieve my goals and dreams. Hellè brought me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to overcome my fears and doubts so I can achieve the big and scary goals I've had for many years.


Past & current clients include:


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