This private page has been created just for you.

Here you'll find everything you need to track your coaching journey and take action between sessions.

As time goes by and our work together builds, this page will grow into a valuable resource that you can check in with weekly.

Some of the things you'll find here include:

* A summary of your goals
* Notes from each of our coaching sessions including any homework for you to complete between sessions
* A link to book / review your coaching session times
* Links to helpful resources that we discuss during our sessions
* Payment information
* Our coaching agreement

Your Goals:

Coaching Session Notes & Homework:

Session 1:

Notes to be updated

Session 2:

Notes to be updated

Session 3:

Notes to be updated

Notes to be updated

Session 4:

Notes to be updated

Session 5: 

Notes to be updated

Session 6: 

Your Coaching Agreement:

Your Initial Coaching Questionnaire:

Helpful Resources:

Links, ideas and suggestions will be placed here as the need arises throughout our coaching journey.

Payment Information:

Your invoices will be linked here for you to make payment in advance of your coaching sessions.

You can pay for your sessions via Paypal to:

Or to my Australian Bank Account:
Account Name: Helle Weston
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB #: 066 202
Bank Account number: 10167295
Reference: Your name

My Contact Info:

Skype: helleweston
Instagram: @helle_weston