The Purpose Of Awakening : 9D Pleiadeans

Our visitation comes to you today with a message of much appreciation.

Those of you of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional planes of Earth are putting in the ground work for much transformation to take place on your planet.

There is a need for us to come through at this time to remind you to "keep your head up" as you go about this task of awakening your individual and collective consciousness.

There are times where a "doom and gloom" perspective may overshadow the true expanse of this work you are each and all doing.

It is a part of the distorted mind programs that have reigned over humanity for many thousands of years, to believe that awakening must occur in response to descension.

There is only one truth as we see it, and that is that all experiences are unique and equally valid, and that the awakening path in its most full sense is not one of expanding in response to opposing forces, but is a natural spiralling, both outward and inward in unison, leading to reconnection with one's full divine nature.

Awakening is a reconnection of circuitry.

It is the re-exposure of one's true nature.

A pulling away of the curtain to reveal the truth that always was and always will be.

The pursuit of consciousness truly is not and never will be about becoming invincible to the effects of darkness.

As you continue along your awakening journey, more and more you will see there is a place for everything.

The purpose of the awakened one is not to change the creation but to become a fully conscious witness and participant within the creation.

How you choose to participate within the creation as your level of consciousness expands will of course differ.

With more awareness, comes more choices.

And so you will go about living within the movie of life with many more choices than can currently be fathomed.

Know that all of these moments await.

And know that escape from time need not be your goal either.

There has been a great misinterpretation of the teachings of time that has perplexed many minds along the way.

Time is not good or bad, right or wrong.

Time is a perspective.

It is a way for 3rd and 4th dimensional beings to perceive the unfolding of source energy in a linear sense.

Within these dimensions of perception, the simplest teaching we can offer you is that whilst all experiences eventually stretch over a continuum of past, present and future, the only reality where anything can ever be truly experienced, understood, impacted or resolved is NOW.

Now - the place beyond time, the ever-present space of opportunity.

The now as a focal point does not invalidate the inevitable transition of experiences into memory or future creation, it simply acknowledges that they are not fixed truths, but concepts and perspectives, only ever available for experiencing in the now.

Your desire to create new realities is subject to your present moment state.

Your experience and the conclusions you make about the past are too, subject to your present moment state.

Seen from this perspective, time as an experience becomes more malleable for you.

There is more freedom to define (and redefine) all of your being; past, present AND future, as your present moment consciousness expands.

The true purpose of awakening is to blossom open into the infinite possibilities available to you in the now moment.

Awakening is coming into contact with your full creative power, to experience the fullness of what it means to BE, here, now.

(Channeled by Hellè Weston)


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.