The True Nature Of Ego

Contrast is the ego's gift - helle weston.jpg

In attachment to people, to things, to experiences and to circumstances, we become fixed.

All that is fluid within us begins to stagnate, solidify, and become rigid.

The ego is creative and relentless. It is the internal tug of war that human beings have chosen to journey through in order to truly understand the sacred process of letting go.

When you experience love, the ego sees the opportunity to bring you fear. 

Fear of loss... of losing that which is your true nature.

Love can never be lost, though before your very eyes you can see how quickly all feeling of love may disappear.

This is a perception and not a truth.

Love is always there. It is your ego which gives rise to the experience of love's absence.

The ego however is not your enemy, nor is this force outside or separate from you.

For you are inherently all... and it is from LOVE that ego was created.

The ego is simply another dimension to your human experience.

You are not the first species to experience through the ego, nor will you be the last.

The ego is in fact a gift which you may come to love and appreciate very much...

Through its power and diverse, creative use, you have been given the opportunity to experience more of the nature of your essence - of love.

In this human experience, much of your map of reality and understanding is built through contrast.

This contrast is in many ways the gift of the ego.

It is through the presence of man that a woman's unique qualities shine brightest.

It is through the enduring of cloudy days that we feel our deepest gratitude and recognise the true value of sunshine.

And so it is through the ego's false evidence appearing real - through its deception and the suffering gone by, that you know most deeply that happiness, inner peace and unconditional love are your greatest pursuit - your true home.

Polarity and duality are teachers here to serve you.

You may begin to love your ego for all you receive and learn through its service.

This human vessel - so densely physical and yet so vast, intelligent and light - is a vessel for the experience of contrast.

Your physicality mirrors to you both your own limitations and your own potential.

Your simultaneous expanse and limitation is made most evident through observing the way the great scientists and philosophers of times gone by have still not been able to truly grasp what you are.

You cannot entirely fathom what you are while you are immersed within the illusion.

That is the gift of the ego. 

And it is temporary.

So learn through it. Find appreciation and understanding through it. And know that all you is experience is gradually guiding you home to what is and always will be.


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.