Join Your Brothers and Sisters and Rise : 9D Arcturians

Dear One,

The time is now to rise up and join hands.

To link arms and link minds.
To bridge and to mend those gaps that have long held space between you and like minds.
Like minds in many forms.
Those like minds you call brothers and sisters.
Indeed, the ones in human form.

Those like minds you regard as elders.
In forms not unlike your own, yet vibrating in states and spheres beyond the current residence of your Earthly bodies.

Those like minds from far away stars, in far away forms, who simultaneously exist within you, near as, all around you, as you.

Dear One,

Your presence in conscious form is far more expansive than what you currently fathom.

Your gifts span far wider than the playground within which you currently play.

Be open Dear One,  to be the receiver of the unseen, the doer of the undone.

A pioneer of sorts you are.

Though all is and so it is done, within the constraints of time, space and dimensional expression, there is much still to be revealed and it is you, the way-showers - whose minds are open and whose hearts are reforming - who have been assigned this great task.

Indeed, the connectors is what you are.

Bridging life with life.
Minds with minds.
Expanding. Opening.
As the building blocks of the possible take form, your perception of the possible too expands.

You the connectors bring possibility to form.

As you rise, you see your potential expand.

You have not been designed with a cap and one day the walls of linear thinking too will be dissolved, connecting you to your eternal vision, your eternal journey, the great playground, the ever-soaring infinite.

Dear One,

Today we call upon you to be the connector.

Connect in mind and in heart.
Connect in mind and in body.
Connect in heart and in spirit.

Allow the swirling spheres of this connectivity to bring oneness to you.

Connect through your expanding field to the field of Gaia.
Connect in mind and in heart to your human brothers and sisters.
Indeed, in doing so, you place a hand of hope upon their hearts.

Connect in awareness and in love to those unseen who walk among you.
For those in transition and in waiting may be eased by the gentle encouragement your acknowledgement brings.

Today, be the connector, Dear One.

Of the people with the trees.
Of all plant life, and indeed all sentient life.

Be the connector, Dear One.

For it is oneness you seek and through connecting you will find it is already yours.

(Channeled by Hellè Weston)


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.