The Process Activates Your Potential : Archangel Gabriel

Dear One,

It is I, Archangel Gabriel, though please do not view me as separate nor superior to you, for in fact, I am but an expression of the divinity within you. An aspect of your innate purity in dimensional form.

Beyond my individualised expression however, I am here to present to you a message for which you are now ready to receive.

The message comes on the topic of readiness, process and potential; concepts that play an inherent role in any and all journeys from the state of descension into ascension.

We wish for you to know that within the blueprint of each being lays the “drawing plans” of how the experience may unfold. These plans are highly complex, multidimensional and multifaceted; inclusive of concepts, influences and abilities to shift, adjust and adapt that are beyond your human brain’s current comprehension. Let it be known however that they are vast.

Within these drawing plans are key trigger points which are considered the essential defining moments along One’s path, creating openings for the unfoldment of each stage of the plan to commence. You might liken this to the experience of a video game, where One must pass the first level inorder to enter the completely new and previously unknown worlds of the levels beyond it…

Although this is a linear view and the scope of your reality goes in all directions and beyond time and space all together, we offer this as an understanding suitable for now.

In the human state, one may experience the multidimensionality of this unfoldment through the expanse of the imagination and yearning for specific outcomes such as the living of One’s life purpose, the sense of a soul calling, a broadening definition of One’s potential or the intuitive sense of what is truly going on here and what is yet to come.

This broad and spacial sense is countered within you by the contraction of experiencing life within a time/space continuum awareness – where your experience of yourself and your life as it is NOW comes into a state of conflict with how you sense you and your world COULD be. This is the conflict between process and potential. The inner confusion that will and has come across each human being during their process of awakening and self-realisation.

In truth, process and potential are one and the same and simply multidimensional aspects of a core concept.

A verb and a noun.

You would run to become good at running.

You would draw to become good at drawing.

You would create to become an artist.

You would calculate to become a mathematician.

And so it is we wish to deliver this deeper clarification to you; that although your mind may at times perceive process and potential as a war zone – where challenge and limitation appear to withhold from you what you know is inherently yours, it is as simple as acknowledging this core truth and being ready to align yourself with the process.

And so in loops; I bring your focus back to readiness, for one must be ready for what’s possible in order to fully engage in the process. Until that time; we are like cats who chase their tails – a lot of effort goes into a process that is more distracting than useful or productive. Indeed, this in and of itself is process and potential – but of a different kind to what one might be seeking – a process usually more directed at learning the art of surrender, flow and self-understanding.

And so it is we bring you from beyond the veil; a thought to ponder, an idea to play with, a question to toss…

Are you ready to engage fully in the process of bringing your intuitively-sensed potential to form?

Become one with it and you shall see, feel and know that it is with you in the here and now and your expanse is equal to your engagement.

With love,


(Channeled by Hellè Weston)

Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.