The True Nature Of Ego

Contrast is the ego's gift - helle weston.jpg

In attachment to people, to things, to experiences and to circumstances, we become fixed.

All that is fluid within us begins to stagnate, solidify, and become rigid.

The ego is creative and relentless. It is the internal tug of war that human beings have chosen to journey through in order to truly understand the sacred process of letting go.

When you experience love, the ego sees the opportunity to bring you fear. 

Fear of loss... of losing that which is your true nature.

Love can never be lost, though before your very eyes you can see how quickly all feeling of love may disappear.

This is a perception and not a truth.

Love is always there. It is your ego which gives rise to the experience of love's absence.

The ego however is not your enemy, nor is this force outside or separate from you.

For you are inherently all... and it is from LOVE that ego was created.

The ego is simply another dimension to your human experience.

You are not the first species to experience through the ego, nor will you be the last.

The ego is in fact a gift which you may come to love and appreciate very much...

Through its power and diverse, creative use, you have been given the opportunity to experience more of the nature of your essence - of love.

In this human experience, much of your map of reality and understanding is built through contrast.

This contrast is in many ways the gift of the ego.

It is through the presence of man that a woman's unique qualities shine brightest.

It is through the enduring of cloudy days that we feel our deepest gratitude and recognise the true value of sunshine.

And so it is through the ego's false evidence appearing real - through its deception and the suffering gone by, that you know most deeply that happiness, inner peace and unconditional love are your greatest pursuit - your true home.

Polarity and duality are teachers here to serve you.

You may begin to love your ego for all you receive and learn through its service.

This human vessel - so densely physical and yet so vast, intelligent and light - is a vessel for the experience of contrast.

Your physicality mirrors to you both your own limitations and your own potential.

Your simultaneous expanse and limitation is made most evident through observing the way the great scientists and philosophers of times gone by have still not been able to truly grasp what you are.

You cannot entirely fathom what you are while you are immersed within the illusion.

That is the gift of the ego. 

And it is temporary.

So learn through it. Find appreciation and understanding through it. And know that all you is experience is gradually guiding you home to what is and always will be.


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.

The Purpose Of Awakening : 9D Pleiadeans

Our visitation comes to you today with a message of much appreciation.

Those of you of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional planes of Earth are putting in the ground work for much transformation to take place on your planet.

There is a need for us to come through at this time to remind you to "keep your head up" as you go about this task of awakening your individual and collective consciousness.

There are times where a "doom and gloom" perspective may overshadow the true expanse of this work you are each and all doing.

It is a part of the distorted mind programs that have reigned over humanity for many thousands of years, to believe that awakening must occur in response to descension.

There is only one truth as we see it, and that is that all experiences are unique and equally valid, and that the awakening path in its most full sense is not one of expanding in response to opposing forces, but is a natural spiralling, both outward and inward in unison, leading to reconnection with one's full divine nature.

Awakening is a reconnection of circuitry.

It is the re-exposure of one's true nature.

A pulling away of the curtain to reveal the truth that always was and always will be.

The pursuit of consciousness truly is not and never will be about becoming invincible to the effects of darkness.

As you continue along your awakening journey, more and more you will see there is a place for everything.

The purpose of the awakened one is not to change the creation but to become a fully conscious witness and participant within the creation.

How you choose to participate within the creation as your level of consciousness expands will of course differ.

With more awareness, comes more choices.

And so you will go about living within the movie of life with many more choices than can currently be fathomed.

Know that all of these moments await.

And know that escape from time need not be your goal either.

There has been a great misinterpretation of the teachings of time that has perplexed many minds along the way.

Time is not good or bad, right or wrong.

Time is a perspective.

It is a way for 3rd and 4th dimensional beings to perceive the unfolding of source energy in a linear sense.

Within these dimensions of perception, the simplest teaching we can offer you is that whilst all experiences eventually stretch over a continuum of past, present and future, the only reality where anything can ever be truly experienced, understood, impacted or resolved is NOW.

Now - the place beyond time, the ever-present space of opportunity.

The now as a focal point does not invalidate the inevitable transition of experiences into memory or future creation, it simply acknowledges that they are not fixed truths, but concepts and perspectives, only ever available for experiencing in the now.

Your desire to create new realities is subject to your present moment state.

Your experience and the conclusions you make about the past are too, subject to your present moment state.

Seen from this perspective, time as an experience becomes more malleable for you.

There is more freedom to define (and redefine) all of your being; past, present AND future, as your present moment consciousness expands.

The true purpose of awakening is to blossom open into the infinite possibilities available to you in the now moment.

Awakening is coming into contact with your full creative power, to experience the fullness of what it means to BE, here, now.

(Channeled by Hellè Weston)


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.

Join Your Brothers and Sisters and Rise : 9D Arcturians

Dear One,

The time is now to rise up and join hands.

To link arms and link minds.
To bridge and to mend those gaps that have long held space between you and like minds.
Like minds in many forms.
Those like minds you call brothers and sisters.
Indeed, the ones in human form.

Those like minds you regard as elders.
In forms not unlike your own, yet vibrating in states and spheres beyond the current residence of your Earthly bodies.

Those like minds from far away stars, in far away forms, who simultaneously exist within you, near as, all around you, as you.

Dear One,

Your presence in conscious form is far more expansive than what you currently fathom.

Your gifts span far wider than the playground within which you currently play.

Be open Dear One,  to be the receiver of the unseen, the doer of the undone.

A pioneer of sorts you are.

Though all is and so it is done, within the constraints of time, space and dimensional expression, there is much still to be revealed and it is you, the way-showers - whose minds are open and whose hearts are reforming - who have been assigned this great task.

Indeed, the connectors is what you are.

Bridging life with life.
Minds with minds.
Expanding. Opening.
As the building blocks of the possible take form, your perception of the possible too expands.

You the connectors bring possibility to form.

As you rise, you see your potential expand.

You have not been designed with a cap and one day the walls of linear thinking too will be dissolved, connecting you to your eternal vision, your eternal journey, the great playground, the ever-soaring infinite.

Dear One,

Today we call upon you to be the connector.

Connect in mind and in heart.
Connect in mind and in body.
Connect in heart and in spirit.

Allow the swirling spheres of this connectivity to bring oneness to you.

Connect through your expanding field to the field of Gaia.
Connect in mind and in heart to your human brothers and sisters.
Indeed, in doing so, you place a hand of hope upon their hearts.

Connect in awareness and in love to those unseen who walk among you.
For those in transition and in waiting may be eased by the gentle encouragement your acknowledgement brings.

Today, be the connector, Dear One.

Of the people with the trees.
Of all plant life, and indeed all sentient life.

Be the connector, Dear One.

For it is oneness you seek and through connecting you will find it is already yours.

(Channeled by Hellè Weston)


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.

The Path Beyond Personal Liberation : Arcturian Circle of 9

As you walk your path of personal liberation, know that beyond it exists another path...

A path that will call for you to continue to take risks, continue to grow, and continue to awaken even more.

You came in empty and found problems to solve, layers to off-load, needs to fulfil and so the journey began.

And as you find your personal liberation, and you feel the comfort and ease of having all your longings and needs finally met, know that the journey will go on.

Once again, you will be asked to continue walking.

This time, not for the self you know, but for the greater I AM that walks as many, but in truth is one.

You did not come here to domesticate, to find refuge in material gains.

You came here to walk the fullness of this road - to come full circle - to see and know the one I AM.

- The Arcturian circle of 9

(Channeled by Hellè Weston)

Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.

The Process Activates Your Potential : Archangel Gabriel

Dear One,

It is I, Archangel Gabriel, though please do not view me as separate nor superior to you, for in fact, I am but an expression of the divinity within you. An aspect of your innate purity in dimensional form.

Beyond my individualised expression however, I am here to present to you a message for which you are now ready to receive.

The message comes on the topic of readiness, process and potential; concepts that play an inherent role in any and all journeys from the state of descension into ascension.

We wish for you to know that within the blueprint of each being lays the “drawing plans” of how the experience may unfold. These plans are highly complex, multidimensional and multifaceted; inclusive of concepts, influences and abilities to shift, adjust and adapt that are beyond your human brain’s current comprehension. Let it be known however that they are vast.

Within these drawing plans are key trigger points which are considered the essential defining moments along One’s path, creating openings for the unfoldment of each stage of the plan to commence. You might liken this to the experience of a video game, where One must pass the first level inorder to enter the completely new and previously unknown worlds of the levels beyond it…

Although this is a linear view and the scope of your reality goes in all directions and beyond time and space all together, we offer this as an understanding suitable for now.

In the human state, one may experience the multidimensionality of this unfoldment through the expanse of the imagination and yearning for specific outcomes such as the living of One’s life purpose, the sense of a soul calling, a broadening definition of One’s potential or the intuitive sense of what is truly going on here and what is yet to come.

This broad and spacial sense is countered within you by the contraction of experiencing life within a time/space continuum awareness – where your experience of yourself and your life as it is NOW comes into a state of conflict with how you sense you and your world COULD be. This is the conflict between process and potential. The inner confusion that will and has come across each human being during their process of awakening and self-realisation.

In truth, process and potential are one and the same and simply multidimensional aspects of a core concept.

A verb and a noun.

You would run to become good at running.

You would draw to become good at drawing.

You would create to become an artist.

You would calculate to become a mathematician.

And so it is we wish to deliver this deeper clarification to you; that although your mind may at times perceive process and potential as a war zone – where challenge and limitation appear to withhold from you what you know is inherently yours, it is as simple as acknowledging this core truth and being ready to align yourself with the process.

And so in loops; I bring your focus back to readiness, for one must be ready for what’s possible in order to fully engage in the process. Until that time; we are like cats who chase their tails – a lot of effort goes into a process that is more distracting than useful or productive. Indeed, this in and of itself is process and potential – but of a different kind to what one might be seeking – a process usually more directed at learning the art of surrender, flow and self-understanding.

And so it is we bring you from beyond the veil; a thought to ponder, an idea to play with, a question to toss…

Are you ready to engage fully in the process of bringing your intuitively-sensed potential to form?

Become one with it and you shall see, feel and know that it is with you in the here and now and your expanse is equal to your engagement.

With love,


(Channeled by Hellè Weston)

Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.