Working with multi-dimensional guides and connecting to the spirit-world gives us a new perspective on life.

In a Channeled Reading session with me, you'll be given the answers you need to move your life forward and create shifts that ripple out to resolve matters of the past, and open brighter possibilities for your future.

Channeled Readings involve me connecting to higher-dimensional guidance (including your higher-self, loved ones who have passed over, spirit guides and star-races) to bring you the messages and insights you most need.

Channeled Readings are helpful for:

+ Understanding why you are experiencing certain situations
+ Making decisions that align with your highest good
+ Gaining a higher perspective on your life direction
+ Connecting to your purpose
+ Letting go of unhelpful patterns, energetic or emotional blocks
+ Meeting your spiritual guides and asking for their help or advice
+ Relationship help

+ Clearing of entity attachments
+ Supporting lost souls to transition
+ Developing your intuitive abilities

Receiving a Channeled Reading from me is similar to working with a Psychic Medium however it is more focused on moving your life forward and providing you with useful advice and insights to fulfil your purpose, whereas a Psychic Medium may be more helpful in connecting you to your loved ones who have passed over so that you can communicate with them and work through anything that feels left unsaid or unresolved.

What does a Channeled Reading involve?

The process to receive your channeled reading involves me tuning into you through the Quantum Field while in a meditative state, and calling in higher-dimensional guides who are ready to bring through information to support you.

I never know what beings or information will come through in the sessions. It's a surprise and my intention is always to bring through the guides and information that will be of the highest service to you.

By working with this intention, we put aside our personal agendas about what's best, and allow the divine to lead the way.

Channeled Readings are always unique and full of interesting, personal guidance - just for you.

Channeled Readings can be done 2 ways:

1) Remotely - where I tune in and record all channeled guidance for you, then send it through in a PDF for you to read and process.

2) Live on Skype - I tune in and share the messages with you directly, then send you an mp3 audio recording of our session once completed. (Allow up to 90 minutes).

What my clients say about Channeled Readings:

Thank you a million times over, your Channeled Readings continue to be the best, most relevant, and most effective form of energetic support I've found yet. I'm in awe of the relevance and power of everything that came up in our session.


"Helle’s bang-on Channeled Readings will shift, inspire and empower you like never before.
Her wisdom continuously blows my mind and I always leave our sessions re-energized and excited to get to work!”