In a Breathwork session with me, you'll journey into a deep altered state of consciousness through THE O2 AWAKENING technique - a style of connected, circular breathing.

It is a profound experience that can bring deep insights, emotional release and encourage the body's natural healing response.

Breathwork sessions are helpful for:

+ Anxiety, depression and stress
+ Connecting to intuition and receiving guidance
+ Forgiving the past
+ Releasing trauma
+ Connecting to emotions that have become stuck or numb
+ Grounding into your body
+ Accessing birth memories
+ Resolving prenatal, infant and childhood traumas
+ Past life clearing and understanding
+ Spiritual awakening and expansion
+ Karmic release and ancestral work
+ Release of grief, anger or resentment
+ Increasing happiness
+ Building confidence and self-belief
+ Increasing creativity and courageous self-expression
+ Life purpose clarity

If you've ever felt the call toward plant medicines or psychedelics to support your healing and awakening, Breathwork may also be a part of your sacred path.

It is a safe, natural way to journey deeply into yourself and find the understanding, peace and answers you've been looking for. 

What does a Breathwork Session involve?

One private Breathwork session takes approx. 2 hours and includes:

+ Time to learn The O2 Awakening breathwork technique
+ The opportunity to explore and set intentions for the journey with me
+ A full hour of guided breathing
+ Time to debrief about the breathing experience with me afterwards

The Breathwork style I teach - THE O2 AWAKENING technique - is heart-based, circular breathing and the journey will be supported by energetic work and a journey with sound.

It is a safe technique that floods the body with oxygen to induce an altered state of consciousness where insight, healing, detoxification and transformation naturally occur.

The breathwork session takes place lying down on a comfortable surface (eg. massage table or bed).

As your oxygen levels increase, and your energy centres are activated, your unique journey will begin.

Every session is different.

Common experiences are:
 Visual experiences, heightened emotional sensitivity, recalling past experiences and accessing new perspectives, connecting with guidance, journeying deep into the body, physical vibrating sensations, intense levels of energy and more.

The best way to enter a Breathwork session is with an open mind and a genuine desire for transformation to occur.

By trusting the intelligence of your breath, you'll be guided into the perfect experience.

Where can you do a Breathwork Session?

Private Breathwork sessions with Hellè can be experienced live online via Skype OR in-person 

What my clients say about Breathwork:

"My Breathwork session with Helle was literally life changing. The whole experience was new to me, but she made me feel super comfortable and prepared before my session. The experience was so enlightening and gave me answers, direction and helped me break through some self beliefs that were limiting me in life. I left feeling so empowered and inspired for my life and future."


"Thank you for being the guide and making me feel safe enough to go to such an intensely deep place. I'm so happy to have the insight that I gained. Life has blossomed in so many ways and our session was a big catalyst."


"Thank you for radiating your light and doing the incredible work you do. That was amazing. The space was held impeccably to feel totally safe and be at my most vulnerable." 


Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 5.22.23 pm.png

"Thank you for our session. I've really been trying to embody my experience and the insights that came through. I'm no longer feeling stuck and my soul feels more at peace right now, mainly because the internal battle between head and heart has ceased."


How much is a private Breathwork session?


Payment can be made by Paypal or via Australian or New Zealand Bank Deposit.

How do Skype sessions work?

Aside from the difference in location, a Skype session is very similar to an in-person session.

Our session will take place with the camera and audio on which will allow me to coach and monitor you through the breathing technique.

To set-up for a Skype session, you'll need to setup your laptop, phone or tablet in an area where you can lie down for the breathing portion of the session (it could be your bed, couch or even on the floor with a blanket).

The first half an hour of our call you can sit up, then I'll get you to lie down flat to breathe.

Wearing headphones is a great way to ensure you have the best sound quality for our session.

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