BodyTalk sessions are like a potent mix of quantum energy healing, mind-body psychology and intuitive guidance.

Each session works on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and environmental levels.

By the completion of your session, you'll receive not only the physical, emotional and energetic shifts you need to improve your health, wellbeing and alignment with your highest path, but also a detailed and personal reading that outlines exactly what we worked on and any changes you need to make in your life to move forward. 

My BodyTalk sessions are often described by clients as life-changing and deeply moving.

As we continue along our path of awakening and inner growth, the energetic support we receive can support us to take rapid leaps forward in a more gentle, clear and flowing way.
(Without the need for hard lessons or feeling like we're hitting walls or drifting around lost in certain areas).

BodyTalk sessions are helpful for:

+ Anxiety, depression and stress
+ Physical challenges (including chronic and acute conditions)
+ Accidents and injuries
+ Releasing trauma
+ Forgiving the past
+ Processing emotional blockages
+ Past-life clearing and understanding
+ Entity Clearing
+ Soul Integration and grounding
+ Life purpose clarity
+ Abundance and manifestation
+ Increasing happiness
+ Relationship healing and / or attracting a partner

What does a BodyTalk Session involve?

A relaxing, therapeutic experience to bring about deep shifts in your life.

Sessions take place laying down, fully clothed in a calm, quiet room.

I tune-in to connect with your body-mind and complete a process of gentle muscle-checking (biofeedback) using your arm, to understand what factors are contributing to your current state of wellbeing and where your body's healing intelligence needs support to move forward.

 As I progress through the muscle checking, detailed information emerges and your unique balancing formula will come together.

Some additional supporting techniques may be used to assist the body in activating the healing response, such as gentle tapping (with fingers) on select points of the body, breathing techniques, visual aids, sound frequencies, colour, aromatherapy etc

Remotely : Session report sent via Email

A transformational experience available to clients worldwide
(many of my local clients also LOVE this option!).

Once your session is scheduled, it will completed by me remotely (I tune into the Quantum Field to access information directly from your BodyMind intelligence).

All I need from you is your full name, date of birth and a recent photo.

 Sessions can be at any time of the day. You have the choice to either rest or be active (many of my clients even have sessions while they are at work or sleeping and experience awesome results).

Distance sessions are a great option if you aren't able to take the time out to visit me or another practitioner in person. They are also suitable and very beneficial for children of all ages (including infants and unborn babies) and pets.

Once the session is completed, I email you a summary report within 24 hours.

The report will go into detail about what came up during the session. My clients often say these reports bring them further insights and healing even years after their sessions. They are something you can keep and reflect back on as a marker of a time in your transformational journey.

Reports sometimes also include suggested homework or lifestyle changes to guide you toward your desired results with more success.

What my clients say about BodyTalk:

"I am sitting here in tears – just in awe of what you have given to me...
Thank you so much Hellè – I am ready to be enough and to bloom after all the nurturing, fertilizing and watering I have been doing for over 20 years. It’s time! "



"Thank you for the session Hellè, you were very accurate, made me cry...
In fact I've been a bit teary since the healing, I didn't realise how much I was holding in so thank you very much for helping me unblock everything. You will definitely be seeing lots of me."


"Wow, You've recognised so much of how I feel and given me an understanding as to why. After about 7 years of trying to find out why, you've given me an answer as to why my skin has been so itchy. I've seen dermatologists, been on steroid creams and Prednisone tablets, used Chinese herbs and received acupuncture, tried elimination diets and all sorts of creams and nothing has really worked and now I know why!"


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