Stretching Yourself Is A Daily Practice

Every day is a new day to stretch yourself and to reveal a little more of your truth to this world.

This year has been SO full of stretchy moments for me...

I've had to rise through obstacles time and time again to reach this point of freedom; where I'm living in Bali, working for myself, running my business online, going on weekly adventures with Lukis, eating beautiful vegan food, truly loving myself, and co-creating epic things with the Universe.

I've done all of this, even when the odds were totally stacked against me on paper.

I've stretched myself to the point of sleepless nights, hustling my a** off, questioning everything, feeling like I'm losing my mind and putting it all on the line because following my dreams is the only option I'm willing to take.

I've said YES to growth, even when a part of me wanted to shut down and say "no, it's too hard".

Whenever I have these moments of overwhelming doubt, or wanting to give in, I know it's yet another invitation for me to rise even higher into honesty, awareness and consciousness.

Sometimes I get caught up, I believe my own stories, and get swayed off track by my own illusions.

But most of the time these days, I can bring light to these moments, and in doing so, I see again.

It's become easier simply because I PRACTICE.

I try to prove my fearful thoughts wrong as often as possible.

I say yes to doing things that terrify me but also deep-down truly matter.

I devote attention daily to opening up to receive the truth - from my inner voice, from others, from the divine.

And every single time I bust through another self-imposed block, I show myself a new way to be.

I teach myself a new kind of normal.

I snap myself out of my trance states and remind myself WE ALWAYS have choices.

Life is offering us opportunities to rise all the time.

When obstacles show up, they can become our greatest teachers and help us rise up, fast.

Open your mind to perceive miracles in these challenges.

Pray to understand and get the point of it all.

Get resourceful and find solutions.

Get humble and offer sincere apologies.

Get organised and find new hacks to spring back faster when you fumble or fall.

And get out of your own way.

Allow things to flow for you - even in their imperfection.

Every day you can rise and every day you can choose your response.

Life will dance with you, or life will fight with you. You get to choose.

Open up. Surprise yourself. Learn. Grow. Discover.

Be a humble student of it all.

That's why we are here 💗

Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.