Meditation Is Allowed To Be Simple

I began meditating in 2008 and since then, I've explored a lot of different meditation techniques - from body scanning, chanting, binaural beats, and buddhist meditation, to chakra balancing, self-hypnosis, visual journeys, mantra and mudra meditation.

These days, my favourite way to meditate is to simply slow down and feel.

Nothing fancy. Just quiet time with me and my feelings.

It's this time I take out of daily life that keeps me feeling connected and clear on where I'm at.

It's time where I tune out the external world and go to my inner experience.

And it's a time for me to say to my heart "hey, you matter and I'm here for you."

This is my medicine.

Us human beings love to complicate things (including me). But just taking time out to feel your feelings is really fucking therapeutic.

All you have to do is rest your body and be present with what you feel in the moment.

It's enough.


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.