Your Inner Child Needs Your Attention

The child you once were is still a part of you.

Somehow, along the way, as we grow older in appearance, we manage to forget that the sensitive little humans who needed love and support back then, are still a part of us, and still need to feel safe, loved and looked after.

Growing older is not about outgrowing the childlike parts of you.

Growing older is becoming whole within yourself.

Shifting from needing the love, support and stability from outside yourself, to cultivating the wholeness, the family, the union from inside.

The mama. The papa. And the child. All at once.

You are all of it.

You can consciously choose to circulate ALL of that energy within your being.

And when you embrace the natural ebb and flow between each of these parts, you'll find your relationship with yourself begins to deepen in the most unimaginable and sacred ways.

Being ALL OF IT gives you permission to adapt the way you treat yourself and manage life situations from moment to moment.

It's knowing when it's time for nurturing, creativity, flow, intuition, exploration, being fiercely protective, a giver and a helper - the mother.

It's knowing when it's time for action, hustle, self-discipline, boundaries, strength, courage, simplicity, power, commitment, decisions - the father.

And it's knowing when it's time to be playful, lighthearted, tender, carefree, sensitive, vulnerable and innocent - the child.

Become whole within yourself by being all of it.

Your inner child needs your love, your attention and your kind words.

Feel into what you need right now and create the space to bring it into your being through your thoughts, energy and actions.


Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.