You Can Feel Your Way Into Full Bloom

Feels like truth.jpg

You have this ability within you.

To transform thoughts into things and things into worlds.

You have this ability within you.

To make trees feel free to rise and people feel free to open.

You have this ability within you.

To turn obstacles into opportunities and to alchemise the darkest of dark into the lightest of light.

Whoever you thought you were, does not come close to who you are in truth.

Sincerely, we wish for you to know, the magnetic nature of your own mind, your own thoughts, your own feelings.

If you knew what power you held to switch timelines and trajectories, perhaps then you might think twice a little more often. Hold back a little more often. Lean in a little more often. Let go a little more often.

The truth is emerging and becoming a part of your repertoire… and yet still there is so much that has been dismissed and overlooked, that could serve you so deeply.

There are ways that you could affect your life experience that would astound you, if you would trust what you feel as truth a little more often…

The seeds of truth that sprinkle abundantly across your life path are here for you.

Pick one and let it serve you. Then pick another and let it serve you.

We do not expect you to accept and integrate so many new concepts in unison. But we do ask you to take what is digestible and in resonance with you and work with that with all the dedication you can muster.

We are not here to push you, force you or imply that who you are and how you are should be any different. But we will continue to lovingly invite you to try those things that we do know you will likely come to love and recognise as essential parts of your long-lost whole-self.

Your thoughts accumulate and create perpetual states of being.

Many states of being are out of kilter with your true nature. These thoughts and states lead to prolonged experiences of dissonance, disconnection, confusion and dissatisfaction.

And then there are those states that feel like YOU. In resonance and right and in support of your own vitality.

We nudge you to feel your way toward that which makes you vital and renews your sense of connectivity, wholeness, love, ease and openness.

Walk the path that feels like home and you will realise you were never lost, and your journey has always, always had a guide.

If it doesn’t feel like truth, pay attention.

If it does feel like truth, pay attention.

Let your inner intelligence bridge its way out into your decisions, actions, voice and environment.

There you will find home becomes a fully felt manifestation.

There you will realise you are feeling yourself into full bloom.

- Channeling from Lyran star people by Hellè Weston