VLOG: 10 Days in Silence: My Vipassana Course Experience & Finding True Self-Love

In October this year I experienced my first 10-day Vipassana Meditation course at Dhamma Malaya Centre in Malaysia.

I'd had this on my bucket list for years and finally I decided to take the leap and sign up for a course.

In this video I share my experience of the course. It was a really powerful and life changing journey and allowed me to connect with myself more deeply than I ever have before in my adult life.

I know my experience is very unique and the insights I gained are based on personal challenges and breaking through deeply engrained out beliefs about myself that may not be relatable for many of you... but nonetheless, I wanted to share openly so you could get a feel for what can happen through a devoted meditation practice.

I will definitely do more Vipassana courses in future.

For those of you who are interested in starting a meditation practice, the INSIGHT TIMER app is a great place to start. They have tonnes of awesome guided meditations from teachers like Tara Brach, David Ji, Mooji and more.

If you're curious about experiencing a Vipassana Course for yourself, you can find dates, locations and availability info at dhamma.org.

Vipassana Courses are run by donation all over the world so these are a very accessible opportunity to transform your awareness and ultimately your life.

If you are a wholefood plant-based eating vegan, you'll be totally fine on the course too!

I loved the food at Dhamma Malaya - I was able to eat whole plant foods the entire time and they had fresh fruit and loads of fresh raw and steamed greens on offer every day.

The accommodation was basic but also very comfortable and private. I feel having your own space on such an intense inner journey helps a lot.

If you have any other questions about Vipassana courses, Dhamma Malaya center or meditation in general, feel free to comment on the video or reach out!

Enjoy X