In Times Of Need, Meet Yourself

In times of need meet yourself.jpg

When we feel down, tired, depleted or unsupported, it is way too easy to look outside to meet our needs and bring us back to life.

Yes, seeking support from others is helpful and very necessary at times but it should never replace the support you can give to yourself.

Maybe you're too proud to ask for help directly, but you love to distract yourself by zoning out with Netflix, social media scrolling or eating comfort food.

Maybe you're very clear that you're dissatisfied with a certain life situation, but instead of doing something about it, you just find people to vent to.

Maybe you're not feeling beautiful or confident or good enough, so you subtley start fishing for energy and reassurance from others instead of giving yourself what you actually need.

When we rely on others to lift us up all the time, we are missing powerful opportunities to practice being the self-healers we are capable of being.

Yes, you are your own greatest healer.

Your own greatest friend.

You can choose to be your own greatest ally.

You have within you the power and capability to heal, nurture and energise yourself with your presence alone.

Before you reach out for the comfort of someone or something outside, ask how you can show yourself support and give yourself the energy you're craving.

It is time to stop running from ourselves and reaching for the easy external fix or distraction.

Go to the source.

Meet yourself.

Set aside time.


Your presence is enough to help and heal you.