Your Self-Worth IS NOT Determined By Others

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For way too long, I looked outside myself for validation, assurance, approval, guidance and love.

When my gentle inner voice would tell me one thing, and the outer world had strong and sometimes harsh opinions that went up against my own, I would quickly cave in on myself and lose sight of what I really wanted, felt and knew.

When I paid too much attention to the opinions of others, I would see my inner power connection drop like a rapidly flattening battery. Down it went till all sense of certainty was GONE and replaced with doubt.

In those moments, my power would be scattered through my environment and I'd ALLOW the OUTER to override my INNER TRUTH.

Every one of us has been gifted with different looks, a different brain, family, environment, experiences, talents, perception, internal awareness, intelligence and spiritual understanding.

To say one way is the "ideal" or "the way" is to totally miss the mark on what creation is all about.

We exist in a soup of infinite possibilities where norms, trends, systems, standards, beliefs and opportunities are evolving all the time.

A clear example of this is how trends in fashion, beauty, music and technology are constantly changing. The internet didn't even exist when I was born. Imagine how many skeptics would've naysayed that idea?

Another example is how the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Muhammad have deeply connected to the hearts of BILLIONS of people - each body of work infused with it's own unique potency.

Who knows what the future holds?

One thing's for sure; you are ALREADY a part of creating it.

The question is - what will you bring? What gifts will you share? What vision will you believe in? What will you close off from and reject? What will you open up to, explore and embrace?

There are always going to be pioneers, trendsetters, wayshowers and early-adopters.

And then there are the closed minds, the skeptics, the late comers and the disinterested.

We can ALL be all of those things at different times and in different situations.

The only way we can navigate these everchanging times is to live with inner connection, conviction and an open mind.🌟

If you can relate to this and want to make a change and take a stand for what you know deep inside you are here to do, I am here to support you on the journey.

The women I am coaching 1-on-1 are doing massive things - building businesses, transforming relationships, learning how to set clear boundaries without shutting down, leaving jobs, studying their passions, deepening their spiritual connection and gifts, and deciding FOR THEMSELVES that they are worthy, loveable and enough right now.

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Helle Weston

Helle Weston is an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Breathwork Practitioner. She supports awakening women to find their inner power through emotional healing and transformation work.