VLOG: 10 Days in Silence: My Vipassana Course Experience & Finding True Self-Love

In October this year I experienced my first 10-day Vipassana Meditation course at Dhamma Malaya Centre in Malaysia.

I'd had this on my bucket list for years and finally I decided to take the leap and sign up for a course.

In this video I share my experience of the course. It was a really powerful and life changing journey and allowed me to connect with myself more deeply than I ever have before in my adult life.

I know my experience is very unique and the insights I gained are based on personal challenges and breaking through deeply engrained out beliefs about myself that may not be relatable for many of you... but nonetheless, I wanted to share openly so you could get a feel for what can happen through a devoted meditation practice.

I will definitely do more Vipassana courses in future.

For those of you who are interested in starting a meditation practice, the INSIGHT TIMER app is a great place to start. They have tonnes of awesome guided meditations from teachers like Tara Brach, David Ji, Mooji and more.

If you're curious about experiencing a Vipassana Course for yourself, you can find dates, locations and availability info at dhamma.org.

Vipassana Courses are run by donation all over the world so these are a very accessible opportunity to transform your awareness and ultimately your life.

If you are a wholefood plant-based eating vegan, you'll be totally fine on the course too!

I loved the food at Dhamma Malaya - I was able to eat whole plant foods the entire time and they had fresh fruit and loads of fresh raw and steamed greens on offer every day.

The accommodation was basic but also very comfortable and private. I feel having your own space on such an intense inner journey helps a lot.

If you have any other questions about Vipassana courses, Dhamma Malaya center or meditation in general, feel free to comment on the video or reach out!

Enjoy X

In Times Of Need, Meet Yourself

In times of need meet yourself.jpg

When we feel down, tired, depleted or unsupported, it is way too easy to look outside to meet our needs and bring us back to life.

Yes, seeking support from others is helpful and very necessary at times but it should never replace the support you can give to yourself.

Maybe you're too proud to ask for help directly, but you love to distract yourself by zoning out with Netflix, social media scrolling or eating comfort food.

Maybe you're very clear that you're dissatisfied with a certain life situation, but instead of doing something about it, you just find people to vent to.

Maybe you're not feeling beautiful or confident or good enough, so you subtley start fishing for energy and reassurance from others instead of giving yourself what you actually need.

When we rely on others to lift us up all the time, we are missing powerful opportunities to practice being the self-healers we are capable of being.

Yes, you are your own greatest healer.

Your own greatest friend.

You can choose to be your own greatest ally.

You have within you the power and capability to heal, nurture and energise yourself with your presence alone.

Before you reach out for the comfort of someone or something outside, ask how you can show yourself support and give yourself the energy you're craving.

It is time to stop running from ourselves and reaching for the easy external fix or distraction.

Go to the source.

Meet yourself.

Set aside time.


Your presence is enough to help and heal you.


VLOG: My Morning Routine : Meditation, Journaling, Tracy Anderson Method and more!

Having a morning routine has been a total game changer on my personal growth journey.

Setting aside this time each day to focus on my inner wellbeing gives me the energy to do more, serve more and have way more fun in the process!

In this video, I share everything I do on a typical morning.

Yes, it changes and sometimes it's shorter or longer, or I switch one activity out for another. But this will give you a really good idea of what I get up to in order to feel my best!

Enjoy X

Your Self-Worth IS NOT Determined By Others

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For way too long, I looked outside myself for validation, assurance, approval, guidance and love.

When my gentle inner voice would tell me one thing, and the outer world had strong and sometimes harsh opinions that went up against my own, I would quickly cave in on myself and lose sight of what I really wanted, felt and knew.

When I paid too much attention to the opinions of others, I would see my inner power connection drop like a rapidly flattening battery. Down it went till all sense of certainty was GONE and replaced with doubt.

In those moments, my power would be scattered through my environment and I'd ALLOW the OUTER to override my INNER TRUTH.

Every one of us has been gifted with different looks, a different brain, family, environment, experiences, talents, perception, internal awareness, intelligence and spiritual understanding.

To say one way is the "ideal" or "the way" is to totally miss the mark on what creation is all about.

We exist in a soup of infinite possibilities where norms, trends, systems, standards, beliefs and opportunities are evolving all the time.

A clear example of this is how trends in fashion, beauty, music and technology are constantly changing. The internet didn't even exist when I was born. Imagine how many skeptics would've naysayed that idea?

Another example is how the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Muhammad have deeply connected to the hearts of BILLIONS of people - each body of work infused with it's own unique potency.

Who knows what the future holds?

One thing's for sure; you are ALREADY a part of creating it.

The question is - what will you bring? What gifts will you share? What vision will you believe in? What will you close off from and reject? What will you open up to, explore and embrace?

There are always going to be pioneers, trendsetters, wayshowers and early-adopters.

And then there are the closed minds, the skeptics, the late comers and the disinterested.

We can ALL be all of those things at different times and in different situations.

The only way we can navigate these everchanging times is to live with inner connection, conviction and an open mind.🌟

If you can relate to this and want to make a change and take a stand for what you know deep inside you are here to do, I am here to support you on the journey.

The women I am coaching 1-on-1 are doing massive things - building businesses, transforming relationships, learning how to set clear boundaries without shutting down, leaving jobs, studying their passions, deepening their spiritual connection and gifts, and deciding FOR THEMSELVES that they are worthy, loveable and enough right now.

If you want to know more about working with me, you can start by booking in a totally free 20 minute skype call for us to speak specifically about what you want to create, shift and see happen in your life.

You can read all the info and book your free call here.

Finding Your Sacred Masculine

There has been a lot of focus in recent years on the rise of the divine feminine and these times being about women coming into power, breaking down the old patriarchal systems and healing our collective feminine wounds.

These times aren't just about women rising up and feminine energy coming into full power, they are about UNITY, wholeness and integrating all lost, fragmented and wounded aspects of ourselves.

What I see in some of the most powerful women I know right now is that we are doing deep inner work to heal and integrate not only our feminine energy, but our masculine energy too.

Masculine energy used consciously is as sacred and necessary in these times as our feminine energy is.

Whether you are a man or a woman, your masculine energy can become the backbone, strength, and inner foundation that allows you to bring your dreams, wisdom and full presence into the world.

What is unhealthy and out of balance is HOW we have been expressing our masculine energy as a collective... the way we have become pushy, self-serving and focused on material existence at the expense of our spirituality, emotional connection and wellbeing.

Many women unconsciously reject their masculine energy.

This can show up in daily life as giving our power away to others, becoming flakey, people-pleasing, uncertain and overly focused on seeking outside ourselves for validation.

Without an internally governed masculine connection, we lack self-discipline, drive, focus, conviction and follow-through.

Do your inner work to allow your feminine energy the space to feel, create, intuit, connect and share. AND also do your work to ground deep, cultivate that inner strength of yours, protect your heart, own what you stand for and charge fiercely forward to bring your vision to life.

This is the age of the divine feminine AND the divine masculine.

It is a time for us to find wholeness within. To move beyond stereotypes and conditioning that limits us and step into our full genius, power, consciousness and potential.

If you want to explore this more, try asking the following questions:

1) In what ways does my feminine and masculine energy influence my life experience?

2) How does my feminine energy feel?
(At home / work / in relationships / when I'm alone)

3) How does my masculine energy feel?
(At home / work / in relationships / when I'm alone)

4) How could it feel even better?

Cultivate A Powerful Relationship With YOU


We spend most of our waking hours taking in external experiences.

Speaking to people, completing tasks, eating, traveling to places, taking in information, experiencing the physical 3D world.

We spend all of this time focusing outward, and for many, the only time allowed for recharging and focusing within is spent unconscious while we sleep.

How sad is that? The time devoted to your inner world is spent mostly unconscious.

Your connection to yourself - to your emotions, thoughts and intuition, is what makes you strong, clear and able to enjoy your outer experiences.

Don't get it twisted sister - no amount of outer success or love can complete you if your inner world is pushed aside.

If you want to live fully, you need to cultivate a powerful relationship with YOU.

The real you that exists beyond the external identity you've created for yourself through time.

In order to access your true potential, you need to know how to make the unconscious conscious and clear out the blockages so your truth can shine through freely.

You need to process your negative emotions so that you can free yourself from living in a time loop - reliving past hurts, habits and experiences - and bring your full power into the present.

And you need to know what your intuition feels and sounds like, so you can move through life with intention and create what you were put on this Earth to share.

My passion is to teach women how to navigate the inner world and develop a personal relationship with themselves that will support them through all of life's ups and downs.

When your inner game is strong, you will have the energy, confidence, self-understanding and perspective to create a truly fulfilling life.

I am so excited to be creating an online course for women right now (launching in November), which will lead you deep into your inner world and empower you with the tools and awareness to create change for yourself and others.

I'll be sharing more soon but for now I'm pulling together 10 years worth of insights from my awakening journey so you can access it all in it's most potent, epic form.

Make Time To Go Within

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.14.15 am.png

One of my favourite things to do is support people to journey deeply within themselves.

Seeking outside - by buying more stuff, staying busy all the time, and worrying what everyone else is doing and thinking about you - is all a distraction from the only place where true fulfilment can be found.

The time you spend each day in tending to your inner wellbeing will make you a more balanced, kind and energised human being.

The uncomfortable part of going inward is that you will be more aware of the self-destructive tendencies you have, and you will meet the pain you've been avoiding for perhaps many, many years.

This is a large part of why people avoid doing inner work.

We have become afraid of our own shadows... our pain, our self-destruction, our darker aspects.

We think it's easier to escape and stay distracted.

To deny our inner reality is self-abandon.

We all deserve better than that.

You deserve better than that.

There is no shortcut to bypass the inner work and still access deep lasting joy in your life.

No amount of likes, compliments, people or flashy shit can bring you inner peace the way your own self-love, acceptance and presence can.

When you bring awareness (light) to what's hidden (dark), your whole experience of yourself and this world will transform.

If you want to reach the heights of human experience, make going within a part of your day.

And if you need support, you can click here to learn more about working with me.

Big love X

Your Inner Child Needs Your Attention

The child you once were is still a part of you.

Somehow, along the way, as we grow older in appearance, we manage to forget that the sensitive little humans who needed love and support back then, are still a part of us, and still need to feel safe, loved and looked after.

Growing older is not about outgrowing the childlike parts of you.

Growing older is becoming whole within yourself.

Shifting from needing the love, support and stability from outside yourself, to cultivating the wholeness, the family, the union from inside.

The mama. The papa. And the child. All at once.

You are all of it.

You can consciously choose to circulate ALL of that energy within your being.

And when you embrace the natural ebb and flow between each of these parts, you'll find your relationship with yourself begins to deepen in the most unimaginable and sacred ways.

Being ALL OF IT gives you permission to adapt the way you treat yourself and manage life situations from moment to moment.

It's knowing when it's time for nurturing, creativity, flow, intuition, exploration, being fiercely protective, a giver and a helper - the mother.

It's knowing when it's time for action, hustle, self-discipline, boundaries, strength, courage, simplicity, power, commitment, decisions - the father.

And it's knowing when it's time to be playful, lighthearted, tender, carefree, sensitive, vulnerable and innocent - the child.

Become whole within yourself by being all of it.

Your inner child needs your love, your attention and your kind words.

Feel into what you need right now and create the space to bring it into your being through your thoughts, energy and actions.

Stretching Yourself Is A Daily Practice

Every day is a new day to stretch yourself and to reveal a little more of your truth to this world.

This year has been SO full of stretchy moments for me...

I've had to rise through obstacles time and time again to reach this point of freedom; where I'm living in Bali, working for myself, running my business online, going on weekly adventures with Lukis, eating beautiful vegan food, truly loving myself, and co-creating epic things with the Universe.

I've done all of this, even when the odds were totally stacked against me on paper.

I've stretched myself to the point of sleepless nights, hustling my a** off, questioning everything, feeling like I'm losing my mind and putting it all on the line because following my dreams is the only option I'm willing to take.

I've said YES to growth, even when a part of me wanted to shut down and say "no, it's too hard".

Whenever I have these moments of overwhelming doubt, or wanting to give in, I know it's yet another invitation for me to rise even higher into honesty, awareness and consciousness.

Sometimes I get caught up, I believe my own stories, and get swayed off track by my own illusions.

But most of the time these days, I can bring light to these moments, and in doing so, I see again.

It's become easier simply because I PRACTICE.

I try to prove my fearful thoughts wrong as often as possible.

I say yes to doing things that terrify me but also deep-down truly matter.

I devote attention daily to opening up to receive the truth - from my inner voice, from others, from the divine.

And every single time I bust through another self-imposed block, I show myself a new way to be.

I teach myself a new kind of normal.

I snap myself out of my trance states and remind myself WE ALWAYS have choices.

Life is offering us opportunities to rise all the time.

When obstacles show up, they can become our greatest teachers and help us rise up, fast.

Open your mind to perceive miracles in these challenges.

Pray to understand and get the point of it all.

Get resourceful and find solutions.

Get humble and offer sincere apologies.

Get organised and find new hacks to spring back faster when you fumble or fall.

And get out of your own way.

Allow things to flow for you - even in their imperfection.

Every day you can rise and every day you can choose your response.

Life will dance with you, or life will fight with you. You get to choose.

Open up. Surprise yourself. Learn. Grow. Discover.

Be a humble student of it all.

That's why we are here 💗

The Greatest Challenge We Face As We Awaken

The biggest challenge to becoming a more conscious human being is that when we know better, we are called to do better.

Waking up is uncomfortable because we eventually have to stop bullsh*ting ourselves and others about every aspect our lives that is out of alignment with TRUTH & LOVE.

For each of us on this path, there comes a time when the truth becomes so obvious, so confronting, and so undeniable that we have to pay attention.

We start to recognise all the excuses we've been making, the ways we've been blaming people or circumstances for our unconscious behaviour, the unhealthy habits we've allowed to linger, the ways we give our power away to others - from our romantic partners, to our peers, the media and political leaders.

It is so easy to say we want to feel good, to be successful, to live an incredible life... but most of the time when these things aren't happening, it's because we are unwilling to get honest and fully SEE, FEEL, HEAR and KNOW the truth of what we are experiencing. We are unwilling to become fully conscious.

We say we want more good to enter, but we've got a list of conditions about how it has to unfold.

Like wanting to be fit but not wanting to put in the work.

Wanting self-love but being unwilling to embrace imperfections.

Wanting to create something new but only if it's a huge success.

Wanting a conscious relationship but bringing all of your most unconscious behaviours to your interactions with this person.

Wanting to be guided by the Universe but fighting the fact that it requires releasing personal control.

This fixed, narrow thinking is the biggest reason why so many of us feel like we are taking two steps forward, one step back with our growth.

We hit our own walls - our own conditions.

We come up against our own unwillingness to meet the whole truth. To be fully conscious.

It's a process. And it takes time.

Living with the willingness to see is the most powerful thing you can do to welcome breakthroughs into your life.

Let yourself see.

Seeing is freedom.

Meditation Is Allowed To Be Simple

I began meditating in 2008 and since then, I've explored a lot of different meditation techniques - from body scanning, chanting, binaural beats, and buddhist meditation, to chakra balancing, self-hypnosis, visual journeys, mantra and mudra meditation.

These days, my favourite way to meditate is to simply slow down and feel.

Nothing fancy. Just quiet time with me and my feelings.

It's this time I take out of daily life that keeps me feeling connected and clear on where I'm at.

It's time where I tune out the external world and go to my inner experience.

And it's a time for me to say to my heart "hey, you matter and I'm here for you."

This is my medicine.

Us human beings love to complicate things (including me). But just taking time out to feel your feelings is really fucking therapeutic.

All you have to do is rest your body and be present with what you feel in the moment.

It's enough.


Make Time For Adventure In Your Life

Saying yes to adventure is a HUGE part of why I am where I am today.

Seeing more of the world has helped me to see more of myself.

It has helped me to see my weaknesses as well as my strengths and get to work on becoming the kind of person I am inspired by.

Travel, more than any other activity, has helped me to see what's possible for my life and our world - because when you step outside of your daily routine and home-life bubble, you realise there is SO much going on in the world and you get to CHOOSE how you want to live in it!

I recently took a trip to Kuala Lumpur loved it so much. It was the exact burst of fresh energy I needed to break up the routine and get my creative juices flowing.

While being in Kuala Lumpur, I made an effort to really soak up the mish-mash of South-East Asian cultures, do ridiculous amounts of walking, and of course eat epic vegan food.

It was nothing fancy, but it was an absolutely amazing trip that brought huge value to my life, and I returned to Bali feeling so much brighter than before I'd left.

Whether it's exploring a new part of town, going on a road trip or jumping on a plane to the other side of the world, adventure is available to every single one of us.

Get creative, get out there and go do it💕