I had my first inter-dimensional contact experience in 2012, totally out of the blue...

I had just finished my training to become a hypnotherapist and was dabbling with different techniques to alter my brain waves and experience more Alpha, Theta and Gamma waves, with the intention to deepen my meditation practice.

I still remember the Sunday afternoon when I lay down on my bed to meditate, and instead of going into a quiet space of inner calm, I felt my awareness travelling to a totally unfamiliar place - as though I had entered a different dimension of reality, and a non-human being appeared in front of me and began speaking.

At first I thought I must be imagining it, but when this being introduced himself to me as my guide from the star-system Arcturus (a place I'd never heard of), and went onto explain that I was a part of this star-system in another "time and space", and that we had work to do together in this lifetime, I had the feeling this was a very special encounter that would change the course of my life.

Later that day, I jumped onto Google (of course!) to begin researching what I had experienced and found many other documented inter-dimensional contact experiences with the same key details - including confirming the existence of the Arcturus star-system, the same descriptions and sketches of the physical attributes of Arcturian beings, and messages sharing the reasons they are coming into contact with humans at this time.

My doubts were replaced with wonder, curiosity and amazement.

After this initial contact experience, my communication with my Arcturian guide (who I now know as Ekhemid) continued, and since 2012, he has been supporting me to develop my channeling abilities and record messages that are intended to raise the consciousness of those who receive them.

I now know that an important part of my path is to be a scribe for the star races, and to support Earth souls to evolve into higher dimensions of being.

Along with my connection to Ekhemid, there has been a gradual evolution of my experiences with channeling and telepathic communication, and I have now connected with many different beings - including Earth-based souls, the Angelic realm, Inner-Earth beings, and many different star races - such as the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Andromedans, Benevolent Reptilians, Manta, Greys, Zeta Reticuli and more. 

Much to many people's surprise; this path of working with the unseen realms and channeling is something I have resisted A LOT over the past five years.

While I know many people would dream of having the ability to channel and connect the way I do, this contact experience and the subsequent ability to channel brought up massive amounts of fear for me - fear that I'd be judged, mocked, and seen as crazy... not just by strangers, but also by close friends and family.

But eventually I took on board the guidance these beings were bringing through for ME...

They reminded me of the purity of my intentions.

They reminded me that people's opinions and reactions are not my responsibility to manage.

And they reminded me that in order to fully love and honour myself, I must be honest, let go of hiding, and fully show up for my life purpose.

This IS my experience.

I have come to know now that hiding my experiences and keeping all of these beautiful channeled messages private doesn't help me or anyone else.

Millions of people around the world are seeking for answers that go beyond what's scientifically provable at this point in time, and it's important that we open the space for safe sharing to happen.

It's up to each of us to follow what feels right in our hearts and keep an open mind.

My communications with the whole range of these beings has gifted me with a greater understanding of our multi-dimensional nature, and continues to reveal how vast we are + how much there still is for us to discover.

We have so many questions, and these beings are ready to bring through the answers we seek.

So five years on, I have chosen to come out publicly with my experiences.

My hope is that their messages will help you, just like they have helped me, my loved ones and clients.

I know for some, this material may seem "out there" or difficult to believe.

I have gone through my own mental struggles to believe something that is so unseen and out of mainstream public view, but every step of the way, my intuition has told me to trust what feels deeply right in my heart.

If you feel called to read through the messages in the channeled library, I encourage you to approach them with an open mind and use your intuition to discern what's relevant for you.

Humanity is still young, and there is so much we are yet to discover.

It's an exciting time to be alive.



If you're looking to connect with your guides and receive a multi-dimensional perspective on your life direction, I also offer private channeled readings.