You're sensitive. Kind. Someone who wants to make a positive difference in this world.

You have big dreams for your life and you're determined to see your vision manifest.

You've grown a lot since you began your personal growth journey and there's so much you're ready to integrate and embody in your daily life.

What you really need right now is support to take your journey to the next level.

Support from someone who gets you, your vibe, your mission.

Support from someone who can hold you accountable to listen to your intuition, take consistent action AND help you take your inner work to an even deeper level.

I see your blind spots. Those things that have been holding you back from blossoming at the level you're capable of.

The uncertainty. The wavering trust in the Universe to look after you. The ways you hold back sharing because you're not sure if others will get it. The impossibly high standards you set for yourself that make you question whether you're truly cut out for this.

You're ready to transform your vision into reality and I can see where your mindset, emotions, energy and daily decisions are impacting your ability to live the life you truly want.

Whether you're needing to bust through self-doubt and perfectionism, release deeply buried emotions that have been keeping you stuck in the same-old patterns for way too long, finally let yourself be fully seen, do more of the work you love, or tap into deeper levels of intuition and self-mastery, I can help.

Day-dreaming about a better future is one thing. Making it happen is another.

Hey friend,
I'm Hellè Weston.

Humanity is going through big changes right now. We are waking up. And peeps like you and I have been called here to share our unique gifts with the world.

Through a unique combination of deep Mindset coaching, Breathwork, Channeling and Energy Medicine, I can help YOU get crystal clear on where you need to go next to rise further into your purpose and live life fully.

You are switched-on, intuitive, helping others comes naturally to you...

You have the right ingredients to bring your vision to life, you just need clarity to cut through the mental noise so you can make begin moving toward your dreams and trusting your intuition (and the universe) along the way.

That's where I come in...

I'm a sweet mix of super-sensitive, intuitive and nurturing
Action-focused, honest enough to call you on your BS, and unafraid to dive deep.

I've devoted the past decade to transforming every aspect of myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - and am 100% committed to practicing what I preach and supporting women from my genuine, personal experience.

As a life-long learner and passionate truth-seeker, I'm continually exploring new transformational tools, teachings and strategies to bring you the deepest shifts, with the most ease.

I LOVE supporting conscious peeps like you to connect to the most deep, vulnerable parts of yourself (where the gold is) and receive the insights, breakthroughs, healing and inspiration to get your life moving in the direction of your dreams.

I believe inner transformation should be fun and waking up is meant to be exciting. 
I believe that
knowing ourselves deeply is the key to creating and manifesting effectively.
And I believe that
healing happens most naturally when we approach it with LOVE.

I know how to help you create a life where you feel excited by what you're doing. In alignment with your soul. Empowered and abundant. And free from the weight of self-defeating thoughts, emotional baggage and overwhelm.

Instead, you will free truly free - living your purpose and tapped into the magic - whatever that looks like for you.

My Story...

Since I was tiny, I've been seeking answers to the big questions like;

Where did we come from?

Why are we here?

The Pandora's box that opened as a result of these questions has set me on a life-long path of exploring what it means to me to be human, and how I can make a positive impact on this planet while I'm here.

But rewinding back to the beginning...

My life has always been pretty unconventional.

I was brought up in K'Road; the red-light district of Auckland City, New Zealand, with two very creative, bright and eccentric parents who worked for themselves and always seemed to find ways to do what they loved and bring excitement to life.

From 4 years old, they sent me off to Montessori school, taught me how to design and sew my own clothes (WTF right!?), were encouraging me to use my intuition, think outside the box, stand up for the greater good and ALWAYS be kind. In primary school I was put through the Landmark Forum and for most of my childhood, I had more adult friends than peers.

It wasn't all living the high-life though; there were some major ups and downs that rocked my foundations. My high level of sensitivity and intuition meant I could see and feel it all happening and my system became overwhelmed.

By my early teens, I just wanted to live a "normal" life.

I didn't have the tools to process the intensity of my feelings so I went into fight-mode.

I blamed and fought everyone and everything around me for causing me such deep pain.

As the years went on, my creative flair was totally drowned out by my desire to fit in and feel some sense of normality.

Deep down, I believed I was strange and felt totally misunderstood.

My health spiralled downwards and I developed a whole host of symptoms (depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and more).

And despite having low energy and feeling very frustrated and hopeless a lot of the time, I became determined to break the cycle I was in and find solutions.

I didn't want to live my life feeling sick, exhausted, drained, sad and insecure.

I wanted to thrive, do something meaningful and exciting with my life, and leave this world a better place.

I spent thousands of dollars on lotions, potions and all sorts of so-called cures.

I read hundreds of books on personal development, psychology, spirituality, natural healing and success.

I devoted time every single day to practicing what I learned and I put every bit of faith I had out into the Universe; asking to be guided toward answers, healing, and freedom.

And bit by bit, things began to shift.

I recognised the ways my thoughts and reactions were impacting my daily experience. I discovered new interests. I stopped focusing on fitting in and gave myself the space to explore who I truly was. I began to take back the reigns in my mind and focus on what I wanted instead of all the things that weren't working.

And then the cloud of depression lifted. The anxiety dissipated. I began to accept myself and then love myself. I found my sense of purpose and I learned how to trust my intuition more and get into a creative flow with the support of the Universe.

Through the inner work I've done along the way, I have been able to process and learn from all the highs and lows of my life.

I see now that ALL of it is what's led me to be the woman I am today...

Often described as wise beyond my years. Mainstream living has never been my jam. Creative expression in my life feels essential. I rely on my intuition to live. I will fight fearlessly to protect the underdogs, the misunderstood and those who are judged for being different. I care massively about equality, believe that ALL living beings should be treated with kindness, and I clearly recognise that the current system needs an overhaul from conscious innovators like you and me. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.32.00 pm.png

Uncovering truth is where we find our freedom.

It is where I've found my freedom
and why I've devoted my life to supporting others to go deeply within and turn their inspiration into real-life action.

Where I am today...

My work as a Mindset Coach, Breathworker, Channel and Energy Medicine Practitioner allows me to live each day doing what I love most...

Growing, connecting, learning and being in the great mystery of it all...

I've been moving my way around the globe since 2009 - living in New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Europe, and the USA.

It took some massive manifesting power to make it happen (more on that in a blog post soon!).

I now work with most of my clients over Skype and travel full-time sharing events and experiences.

If you want to read more about working with me, click through to explore Coaching, Breathwork, Energy work and  Channeled Readings or booking me to speak at an event.

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The work we do together is always evolving and is a
co-creation with spirit, every step of the way.

Supporting my clients through their awakening journey challenges me to grow and up my game continually.

I'm a humble student of the Universe and by no means do I have it all figured out, but I'm making a sincere effort to show up, every single day - and I know you're here doing it too.

I’m so grateful for my journey — even the really tough times — and looking back, I can see I had to learn a lot of things the hard way.

The good news? With me in your corner, you can skip the struggle and get straight into focusing on what works.

If you could you use some support from a like-minded sister on your awakening journey, you can start with reading my latest blog posts here.

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